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A E R I A L    P H O T O G R A P H Y   W O R K S H O P


At Easter 2007 an impromptu Aerial Photography Workshop took place in Tumut using a specially adapted XT-912 microlight.

Tumut situated at the Northern end of the Snowy Mountains with its vast wilderness area’s and National Parks is ideal location for aerial photography.

Between two of us - Trent Brown and myself - we made a number of flights with the intention of taking photographs from the air.

Back in the hangar, discussion took place about the both technical and artistic aspects of taken photographs. They were also processed on site and viewed on a good quality LCD screen on photographic computer station.

Those few days over Easter proved that concept of aerial photography using my trike was a feasible idea.

I am happy to invite any interested parties to take part in a more formal workshops. You do not have to be a pilot to participate. You just need to have a camera, strong interest in photography and aerial photography will expend your imagination beyond your limits. Join us to discover the new world from above.

As a passenger, you will be flown in a trike at early morning and before sunset when the light is at its optimum for photography. During the day we will view your pictures on screen and discuss your results.

Any one interested in taking on this new challenge please email me to discuss location and dates. Use the enquiry form on this web site or email me directly on rt@idstudio.com.au

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AirBorne XT-912 Microlight with modification for taking photographs

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