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P  H  O  T  O      I  M  P  R  E  S  S  I  O  N  S

The Slide Show is in two parts, each about 55 minutes long. There are over 1,100 photographs from three weeks of the Mongolian Challenge event. Photography covers Beijing's Hutongs, visit to the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven and hiking on the Great Wall of China.

Those are followed by pictures from the trip to Mongolia, border towns,  places of interest, Mongolian landscape, Nadaam Festival and obviously an extensive selection of pictures of participants on the cycling adventure.

CDs were prepared with participants in mind so there are a lot of shots of riders, water crossings, camping etc. It may look a bit too long for somebody not involved in the event but for participants it is 3 weeks of the event condensed into two hours.

Slide show comes with Mongolian music in the background and requires computers with Acrobat Reader V7 installed (it is a free of charge program from Adobe, there is an installation file on CD)

Note: select the third button from the right at the bottom of the  pop up page to view animated slide show sample.

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Money raised from the sale of CDs will be donated to MS Society


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